Imagine a room that can be relaxing and calming for residents with anxiety or pain and yet stimulating for a resident with dementia or depression. That is the multisensory room at Wilber Care Center.

Multisensory rooms have been typically used for children with Autism. Research now shows it helps people with dementia, anxiety and pain. This concept is fairly common in European countries but is a relatively new concept in United States.

This room contains two bubble tubes that provide the sound of water, with the visual of being able to see the bubbles rise and fall and the vibration of water movement can be felt through the tube. We have fiberoptic strands of light that the resident can touch and offers weight that helps calm residents. Residents are able to control the color of the lights bubble tubes and fiberoptic strands. This gives them a sense of control over their environment. The room also contains chairs that vibrate to the beat of the music. A projector is present that can show images on the floor, ceiling, walls what ever the resident wants or needs.

If we can lower stress and discomfort it will have a direct physiological effect. Our resident will be happier, more engages and over all have a better quality of life.